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Increase the number of visitors to your website!

Moonlit Media has quickly become recognized as a leading search engine optimization company in Wisconsin  by providing the very highest quality, white-hat techniques and solutions to our clients. These services are intended to help websites achieve higher rankings and greater levels of traffic through the organic listings on search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN & Ask).

There is an extremely wide variety of activities that can be performed which will ultimately increase your rankings in the search engines which in return increases the number of visitors to your site.  Moonlit Media has experience with all of these activities, and will typically prioritize these activities from "highest return" to "lowest return" in order to make sure that you experience the biggest bang for your buck!

Although it's very easy to focus on a single factor that affects your search engine ranking, often times the best approach is to attack several of them at once (and from different angles).  Moonlit Media has many "multi-pronged" approaches that will fit any small business' budget.  Some of the activities that we are commonly performing include:

Thorough Site Review

Every business is different, and so are their needs.  Before exploring any avenues at all, we perform a comprehensive overview of all the potential issues negatively affecting your site as well as recommendations for improving targeting, user experience, content and search friendliness.  We will then present to you a plan which will point out what we determine to be the critical "do or die" activities that will dramatically improve your site's performance in a very short period of time (often times a couple of weeks).

Don't worry, we're not going to overload you with a bunch of geek-speak mumbo-jumbo.  As a search engine optimization firm that works with clients of varying experience levels, we are always more than happy to explain our activities, how they work, and why they are important in a language that anyone can understand.  We don't feel that we are doing anything that would be considered "classified" or "secretive", so we're more than happy to educate you on the various tactics using to help you to gain top it search engine optimization training if you will.

On-Page Optimization

It's no big secret that search engines pay close attention to common on-page factors for indexing and ranking purposes.  People have been manipulating their Title, Description, Keyword, and H1 tags for years.  This is often the first step to optimizing a web page and informing the search engines on what the page is about.

Although these techniques are somewhat old and quite common, they are still very important.  In order to have these factors optimized correctly, Moonlit Media does an extremely thorough investigation of your competitors in order to pinpoint the highest-return combination of on-page optimization.

Content Creation / Copywriting

In past years, the search engines (Google in particular) have made it very clear that content is the key to top rankings.  It's quite often that we see great websites by well branded companies that just can't seem to get any traction within the search engine results pages.  This is often an indicator that there is either a lack of targeted content or a lack of structure to this content.

Moonlit Media's content building strategy is based on the thought that we can build on your company's already existing foundation of expertise in order to attract site visitors, external links, and search engine traffic.

Link Building

Beyond content and on-page optimization strategies, another activity that is absolutely critical to the success of your website is that of link building.  Moonlit Media's focus is to develop strong, optimized one-way inbound links to your website.  This conveys trust and reputability to the search engines and is perhaps one of the most high-return but difficult to manage SEO activities.

Statistical Reporting

Any search engine optimization work that we do will also include statistical reporting.  We will set up and provide access to "Google Analytics".  The usefullness of this is two-fold.  First, it is useful to Moonlit Media in the sense that it gives great insight regarding your visitor's activities and behaviors.  Secondly, it will allow you to witness the rise of your traffic.  In other words, it's a great way to make sure that you're getting your money's worth!

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